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BM TRADA Q-Mark Surveys 

All fire door surveys we carry out are in line with the Q-Mark Fire Door Condition Survey requirements. 

BM TRADA Q-Mark Remediation 

Our fire door remediation service follows the 22 Q-Mark Accepted Repair Techniques. 

BM TRADA Q-Mark Maintenance 

Fire door maintenance adheres to manufacturer guidelines and recognised standards, such as ASDMA Best Practice for Fire Doors. 

BM TRADA Q-Mark Accredited Fire Door Remediation 

GRJ provides a comprehensive BM TRADA Q-Mark accredited fire door remediation and inspection service to ensure your fire doors meet the necessary standards. 
Fire doors are subject to general wear and tear which greatly affects their ability to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency. Regular fire door inspections are required to keep all fire doors at your property operational and compliant with the latest government regulations. 
Protect your building and its occupants with GRJ Contracting’s Q-Mark certified fire door maintenance service. Get in touch to enquire about a fire door inspection or remedial maintenance under the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme. 

What are the Regulations Regarding Fire Door Inspections? 

The main regulations governing fire doors include the Building Regulations (Part B), the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, along with its amendments, and BS 9999. 
The Fire Safety Act 2021 clarified that flat entrance doors must be considered in the Fire Risk Assessment mandated by the Fire Safety Order. The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 require regular checks to ensure self-closing devices are working and all fire doors including flat entrance doors are in efficient working order and in good repair. These checks ensure the existing door standard is maintained. 
From the 23rd of January 2023, it's a legal requirement for the Responsible Person for multi-occupied buildings over 11 metres to: 
Carry out quarterly checks of all fire doors in communal areas. 
Carry out annual checks on all flat entrance doors. 
Provide information to residents about the importance of fire doors. 
BS 9999 provides further guidance on the provision of measures to mitigate the effects of fire, including business continuity and the environment. 
As a Responsible Person it’s your duty to ensure regular fire door inspections are carried out and any needed remedial work is completed. Not complying with the regulations poses a serious risk to the safety of occupants and can result in fines or even criminal charges. 

What is Fire Door Maintenance and Inspection? 

Fire door maintenance involves regular inspections and upkeep to ensure fire doors within your building remain in working condition and meet safety standards. Proper maintenance is crucial for your building’s fire safety, guaranteeing that these doors will perform as intended during an emergency. Neglecting maintenance can lead to fire door malfunctions, jeopardising the safety of your building and its occupants. 
BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance 
The BM TRADA Q-Mark maintenance scheme aims to ensure the regular maintenance of fire doors and their components in compliance with industry standards and regulations. This is essential for keeping fire doors in working condition, preserving their fire resistance ratings and ensuring the safety of building occupants. 

Key aspects of BM TRADA Q-Mark ‘s maintenance scheme for fire doors include: 

As contractors working under the BM TRADA Q Mark Scheme we offer the highest level of fire door maintenance. Our contractors follow the Approved Repair Techniques to ensure compliance is met. We will carry out the needed fire door maintenance in a timely manner to guarantee the safety and compliance of your building. To get your tailored quote for a commercial fire door remediation, please contact our team today. We’ll be happy to help. 

Regular Inspections 

Under the maintenance scheme, trained and certified personnel conduct regular inspections of your fire doors and their components. Inspections are usually conducted at least once a year, although the frequency may vary. 

Comprehensive Checks 

Fire door inspections encompass a thorough examination of the fire doors, frames, hardware and seals. They aim to identify any visible damage, wear or defects that may affect the doors' performance during a fire. 

Functionality Assessment 

The functionality of the doors is rigorously tested. This includes evaluating the operation of self-closing mechanisms, latches or locks, panic hardware and other operating mechanisms. The doors should open and close smoothly and latch securely. 

Seal and Gasket Inspection 

The integrity of intumescent seals and smoke seals is examined. Intumescent seals are important for maintaining a tight seal during a fire, preventing the passage of smoke.. 

Hardware Assessment 

All fire door hardware, including locks, handles, hinges, and door closers, is inspected to ensure its functionality. Adjustments, lubrication or replacement may be necessary. 

Signage Verification 

The presence and legibility of appropriate signage on the fire doors are confirmed. Signage should clearly indicate the doors' purpose, such as "Fire Door Keep Shut" or "Fire Exit." 

Record Keeping 

The maintenance scheme involves keeping detailed records of all inspections, maintenance activities and any repairs or replacements. These records are used for documenting compliance and providing evidence of due diligence. 

Repairs and Replacement 

If defects or damage are identified during inspections, they should be addressed promptly. Damaged components or doors may require repair or replacement to maintain fire resistance and safety. 

Certified Maintenance Personnel 

Maintenance activities should only be conducted by professionals trained and certified in fire door maintenance, who have a thorough understanding of the specific requirements for fire doors and their components. 

Regulatory Complianace 

All maintenance activities should be performed in compliance with local fire door regulations, standards and the specific requirements of the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme. 

BM TRADA Approved Repair Techniques 

BM TRADA provides certifications and approvals for various repair techniques related to construction and building components, including fire doors and other fire safety elements. These are based on rigorous testing and assessments to ensure the repair techniques meet industry standards and regulations. 
In relation to fire doors or other fire safety components, BM TRADA may provide approvals or certifications for the following: 
Repair Methods 
BM TRADA may evaluate and approve specific methods used to restore the fire resistance or other properties of fire doors that have been damaged or are no longer compliant with safety standards. 
Materials and Components 
Approvals may be granted for the use of specific materials, components or products designed to repair fire doors. These materials and components should meet the necessary fire-resistant and safety requirements. 
Installation Practices 
BM TRADA may assess and approve installation practices related to the repair of fire doors to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. 
Testing Protocols 
BM TRADA may develop or approve testing protocols and standards for assessing the effectiveness of repair techniques and materials. These tests serve as confirmation the repaired fire doors meet the necessary fire resistance and safety criteria. 
Certified Repair Companies 
BM TRADA may certify or approve companies or professionals specialising in fire door repair services. These certifications ensure repair work is conducted by qualified individuals adhering to the best practices and standards. 
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GRJ - Your Trusted Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance Company 

Resist fire. Protect your property. Save lives. 
As one of the UK’s leading fire door inspection companies, we stand for protecting the nation’s hospitals, residences, schools, offices or commercial premises. With over 15 years of experience, we have a vast portfolio of projects. Those include major infrastructure projects for HM Government, Sellafield, AWE, NHS, local councils and private clients all around the UK. 
You can count on us to complete your project on time and within your budget, without compromising on quality.
Why Choose GRJ? 
Expertise You Can Trust 
GRJ’s team of third-party certified fire door inspectors have an in-depth understanding of the latest regulations and industry Compliance. We ensure that your fire doors meet all necessary requirements by keeping up-to-date with the UK's fire safety standards. 
Comprehensive Services 
From regular fire door inspections to supply and installation, we provide comprehensive services catered to your specific needs. With our expertise we handle even the largest commercial developments with ease. 
Premium Quality Products 
Your safety is our top priority. We supply products only from reputable manufacturers known for their craftsmanship and adherence to safety standards. We supply fire doors designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, offering you complete peace of mind. 
Tailored Solutions 
We understand that each property has unique requirements. Our team works closely with you to develop a tailored solution that blends seamlessly aesthetics and functionality of your property. 
Compliance and Certification 
Upon completing your fire door inspection, repair or installation, we issue all the necessary certification and compliance documentation to ensure you are fully compliant with local and national regulations. 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Fire doors are used in fire compartmentation to prevent smoke and flames from spreading through the building and confining them to one area. They also serve as a means to allow occupants in the building enough time to safely evacuate. 
The main fire safety legislation for England and Wales - The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that fire doors are legally required in all non-domestic properties. Those include office buildings, commercial premises and other public properties. They are also required in all high-rise residential flats and houses of multiple occupants. 
FMost commonly a fire door will be classed as either FD30 or FD60, depending on the time it can withstand flames. FD30 fire doors will provide fire resistance of 30 minutes while FD60 offer 60 minutes of fire protection. This is done to allow all occupants sufficient time to escape the building safely. 
There are several ways to identify a fire door. The easiest one is by the fire-rated label that all fire doors are required to have according to the NFPA 80. Those labels are there to mark that the fire door and frame have passed an inspection in accordance with the required standards. 

Our Expert Guides on Fire Doors 

Click the images below to read our expert guides. 



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GRJ Contracting Ltd was established in 2007 with the purpose of specialising in the design, supply, and installation of quality passive fire protection systems for the commercial and residential UK construction market. As an accredited company certified with IFC, ASFP, ISO 9001 and Cyber Essentials based in the Midlands, we operate nationwide on new build and legacy construction projects of all scales and our range of services includes Intumescent Coatings and Rigid Boarding systems for Structural Steelwork protection, Service Penetration Firestopping, Mineral Fibre Boarding systems for internal building fire compartmentation and more. 
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