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By Harvey Braime and Paul Gruszka 


Nullifire provide a specialised range of passive fire protection and firestopping products, from fireproof compound to foam and intumescent coated batt. Read our guide below on the best practice for using Nullifire fireproof compound to ensure your project is carried out professionally and effectively for the best in passive fire protection. 

Fireproof Compound: 


You can pour the Intu compound in numerous layers as long as the full depth is poured within three days. 
100mm depth required for a load bearing solution. 
No reinforcement required up to 1.1m in either width or length. If the width is under 300mm you can have an indefinite length without reinforcement. 
Note: It needs 30 days to cure before being covered so it can omit water during curing process. 
It does not need to be cast up against a wall/substrate, you can use shutters as long as the cast section overlaps the hole below by 100mm each side (same principal as a pattress). 
Make sure the position of the closure device is correct and installed as the specified manufactures details. 
Clean off any excess overspill to services and substrates. 
Wear the correct PPE as specified in the RAMS. 


Pour unless you are totally happy with the shuttering seal. 
When holding your closure treatment in place don’t cover the total area of the wrap with your tape as this will stop the closure treatment from working. 
Use against any substrate which could move in deflection. i.e. cladding. 
Throw the mixture or slop it up services or substrates. 
FR230 Intucompound + FI140 Shutter Slab + FP302 Intustrap for combustible pipe penetrations: EI120 
FR230 Intucompound + FI140 Shutter Slab + FP302 Intustrap for insulated non-combustible pipe penetrations: EI120 
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